In 1968, Iowa Grain Company established itself as a provider of clearing and execution services for clients across all segments of the commodity industry. Whether serving commercial, institutional, or retail customers, Iowa Grain has cultivated a level of personalized and quality service that continues to distinguish its efforts through the present day. Since the Principles of Iowa Grain have been managing a large farm in western Illinois for over 30 years, the company has developed unparalleled insight and expertise into the commodities industry.

While changing times have altered the global market environment, Iowa Grain has evolved to become a leader in development of technologies for the futures industry. Not only was Iowa Grain the first firm to route orders electronically into the Chicago Board of Trade agricultural pits, but it also developed the OAK Trading Platform for internet order entry of exchange traded futures and options. Released in 1998, this innovative tool facilitated the future of order routing by allowing for the monitoring of all trader, broker, and customer activity, as well as risk management. OAK quickly became the industry standard for risk management and order entry programs as evidenced by the Chicago Board of Trade's selection of OAK as the primary order entry platform for the exchange.

In early 2008, Iowa Grain Company sold its clearing division and OAK Trading risk management platform to Archer Daniels Midland Investment Services. However, the key members of Iowa Grain Company remained together and are continuing to provide excellence in service. In order to address and meet market demands, the firm has evolved to include research, proprietary trading, and consulting services. Iowa Grain Company has always been known for its ability to forecast major trends in the grain markets.

Iowa Grain developed a Proprietary Trading division through which traders are taught to execute strategic and technical trading methods. Iowa Grain managed a fund for a select group of investors which was traded in house by the company. Iowa Grain believes that service to today's market users must include a high degree of responsiveness to specific customer needs, proficiency in the application of technology solutions, and an infrastructure designed to adapt to a constantly changing global environment. The company's approach to technological development distinguishes it from many other industry participants who are attempting to confront the challenges in today's futures market environment. Iowa Grain's overriding belief is that the knowledgeable customer, whether an individual trader or an international commercial risk manager, values and deserves superior service.

Iowa Grain's expertise is a natural result of vigorous responsiveness to the needs of its customers, as well as proactive strategic planning to meet progressive challenges in the commodity industry. For over 40 years, Iowa Grain's unsurpassed expertise, insight, and contacts throughout the agricultural and trading industry have been the key to the company's success and will continue to be so for many years to come.